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“The Matrix has you.” – Want out?

Dr. Doug explains how we are living in a program we all created together, not unlike the famous one from the film “The Matrix”. This program says we cannot have it all, but the doctor speaks of how he can … Continue reading

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Pet squirrel, really?! (via )

Well here I am officially the owner of a cat and a blind squirrel!  Had I been told  the squirrel part 3 mos ago, never mind ten years ago, I would have called the person telling me this crazy.  Sunday evening I headed over … Continue reading

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I sometimes eat breakfast after 11, and I’m a human being. (via Spit and Spirits)

I love breakfast, I really do. The thought of having a heaped plate smelling of bacony, eggy, tomatoey, grill greasy goodness really gets me searching for my undies. Even more so if I’ve had a big night and can’t quite … Continue reading

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WATCH: Fans Brawl At U.S. Open

WATCH: Fans Brawl At U.S. Open Related Articles U.S. Open play disrupted by brawl in the stands (theglobeandmail.com) Fans brawl at U.S Open tennis match – video (mirror.co.uk)

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The extraordinary ones… (via Meanwhile, back at the ranch…)

 The coulees that dot the landscape on the ranch are mystical places that I spent my entire childhood exploring. Each season they changed, and each year when I returned after a long winter, I found something new. I walked them today … Continue reading

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