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Guide To Debt Relief Government Grants – Simple Steps To Get A Grant

Author: Hector Milla
Like many people, you used to paid all your bills on time and paid off your credit card balance every month.
Now in this slow economy, it is tough to make any payments on your credit cards and difficult to scrap up enough money to pay for your monthly home mortgage payments.
Aurora Lillo Editor of the “Debt Relief Government Grants” website — — pointed out;
“…However, you do not have to stay in financial straits. A government grant for debt relief can pay for the majority of your debt with no strings attached. The grant is money freely given to you by the federal government. No credit check or collateral is required. Here is a guide with simple steps to get a grant…”
Financial Documents
The federal program will only award a debt relief government grant to individuals that are completely overwhelmed by debt. You need to show proof to the government that you desperately need their aid. You can do this by gathering your financial documents that reveal your personal debt and income.
1. Personal Debt
Begin by documenting all your basic monthly expenses such as electricity, water, natural gas, food, gasoline, transportation fees and other similar costs. Next, add your monthly loan payments for your car, home or college tuition. Also, include any medical costs for hospitals, doctors, prescriptions and any dental care. Lastly, check your receipts to make sure you did not miss any expenses. Add up all of these costs to determine your total monthly personal debt and expenses.
2. Gather Income Receipts
After you have documented your debt, now you are ready to gather your proof of income. Find your pay receipts for the last couple of months. For self-employment use customer payment receipts. This information is critical to prove that your income is not nearly enough to pay for your huge debt. Be sure to include receipts for stock dividend income, rental income or for another significant income source.
3. Check The Status Of Your Application
After you have turned in your financial documents and grant application, it is a good idea to check on the status of your grant approval about every 2 weeks. Contact the grant office and ask for the person that is processing your application. Find out if they have any questions or need further information.
“…When you receive your grant, use it to pay off your most expense debt. You should pay off your credit card with the largest balance or with the highest rate. This can drastically reduce your interest expense and give your credit score a boost…” added A. Lillo.
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