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Will Free Iphone Downloads Change The Web?

By: Charles Smith

The Iphone is pretty new phenomenon, a real technological marvel, and most Iphone owners have no idea at all that they are able to download free software for it, including games and movies. If you’re an Iphone owner and you like the idea of some free software, this article may be useful for you.

As with pretty much anything these days, before you can download anything for your Iphone there are a few basic things that you will need:

The first thing is a computer-it may seem obvious, but you will need a computer. At the current time, it isn’t possible to download directly to the Iphone, so you’ll need to download to a computer first. Most modern computers have the required performance levels, so as long as your computer isn’t like ten years old, it should be okay.

The second thing, and just as important, is an internet connection. Just try downloading anything without being able to access the net! It’s also worth considering that the faster your internet connection, the faster you can download things.

The final thing, and something that is very important, is somewhere to download from. This can be very tough to find, as these days there are more shady spam websites than there have ever been before. Some of these sites won’t hesitate before infecting you with adware or spyware or whatever, so it’s vital that you take the time to find somewhere trustworthy.

It’s also worth considering that a lot of the sites that offer free software downloads are illegal-not the sites themselves, but illegal to download from. There are many such sites, often known as P2P or torrent sites. Do you really want to get in trouble with the law over something so silly? I’d recommend avoiding these sites.

The fortunate news is that as technology progresses there is starting to be some real alternative sites to sites like this. There are a new breed of website emerging, and they will actually provide the free downloads that all the others claim. Typically a site like this works by charging a one off administration fee, and then allowing the user lifetime access to all the software. It’s usually a pretty good deal, as you can choose from any media you want, movies, games, TV shows, all kinds of stuff really.

As you’ve seen, free downloads for Iphones have become a reality, but the big question is whether sites like this will change the way regular websites work? Only time will tell…

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