Koko Robats

how do the do it

How do they build a robot that built . the age of the robot has arrived they are in factory’s all over there are over a million robots in factory

they produce over 10,000 robots making other robots.

The Koko robot is like a human arm. with accuracy with tiny fractions and repeat the process over and over.

the robot can change its jobs from welding to painting and arms to a screw driver different jobs but the only think they can’t do is to think for them selves.

They are programmed to do the same movements . Koko robots make cars in less than five minutes and of course robots are only as smart as the humans that make them. That leaves the humans far more advanced than them.

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Nightline from ABC News: Could SpongeBob Be Bad for Kids?

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How to make a proper chile en nogada (via The Mija Chronicles)

How to make a proper chile en nogada Every year in late summer and early fall, the chile en nogada makes its brief run through Mexico. The star ingredients, walnuts and pomegranate seeds, are not available any other time of the year. So it’s a festive time. Restaurant storefronts become festooned with “We have chiles en nogada!” banners. Pomegranates glitter at the tianguis. Mexican Independence Day is right around the corner (on Sept. 16), and the dish is pretty much the culinary c … Read More

via The Mija Chronicles

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buy top 10 bestseller


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Final Post of 2011 – Reflect back on 2011

Final Post of 2011 – Reflect back on 2011.

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2011, The Year Washington Lost


WASHINGTON — With yet another high-profile fight between Congress and the White House coming down to the wire, 2011 ended with a sense of deja vu. This time, President Barack Obama survived the cable news carnage with a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits — a victory in political terms, but little more than a stopgap as a matter of actual policy. This has been the story on jobs legislation all year: small-bore, short-term or substantively irrelevant. On economic policy, 2011 was a lost year

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band words for 2012

dancing with the stars

latest images

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Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

Kick Off 2012 with Project 365.

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Google Fashion Shopping Site Makes Debut


Google Fashion Shopping Site Makes Debut

google fashion

With Boutiques.com, Google has created a new e-commerce site that significantly improves how fashion is presented and sold online.


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New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial

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